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The purpose of this organization shall be:

Section 1

To enlist all men in the local Churches of the NBCUSA, Inc. in definite efforts to promote the welfare and program of the local Church and its outreach programs.

Section 2

To mobilize and involve the total Manpower of all member Churches as a working force to support the programs, ministries and activities recommended by the Pastor and official Board of the Church.

Section 3

To increase the growth and Spiritual Vision of the Laymen of the Church through rededication and consecration of the several abilities possessed by each Layman to reach defined objectives for Christ and to spread the Word of God.

Section 4

To strive diligently to encourage Laymen to unceasingly and untiringly commit themselves to totally support the objectives, programs, activities and ministries of the National Baptist Laymen’s Movement and the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.; financially, numerically and Spiritually.

Section 5

To actively support the programs and ministries of the local Churches, District Associations and State Conventions with special emphasis upon the sponsoring of Junior Laymen work, missions, evangelistic work and the support of our pastors and local Church ministries.