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Section 1

The officers of the National Laymen’s Movement shall consist of Officers appointed by the Parent Body. The appointed officers shall be the President, Vice president At-Large, Five Vice Presidents, a General Secretary, a Recording Secretary and a Treasurer.

Section 2

The President will have the privilege and discretion to appoint other Officers and Committee Chairpersons. Other officers shall be the Assistant General Secretary, Assistant Recording Secretary, Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Vice Presidents.

Section 3

All Officers shall be members of Churches of the NBCUSA, Inc. and in good standing in the National Baptist Laymen’s Movement.

Section 4

All Officers shall be appointed to a five-year term and shall not be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office. Upon the lapse of one term, a member may seek and be eligible to serve in the same office once held. This applies to all general offices.