Conducting An Orderly Meeting

The needs and interests of the group along with the number of planned activities should determine the frequency in which an organization meets. Should a group choose to meet more than once a month, one of the meetings should be the general meeting to conduct business and focus on the work of the group and its work committees.  The other meeting could be a social meeting where a meal is served and special guests are invited to speak on areas of need in the organization to enhance the work or specialized training.

The procedure for conducting an orderly meeting should include the following suggested format:

  1. Devotional Period: The devotional leader shall lead an inspirational song, and appropriate scripture and prayer. This period should then end with another song.
  1. Call the Meeting to Order: The president or chairman should begin the meeting by stating “The meeting will please come to order.”
  1. Order of Business: The secretary should read the minutes to bring the membership to to-date on what happened earlier and as a reminder of current business. Good minutes can go a long way to avoid confusion and provide continuity from meeting to meeting.
  1. Study and Discussion Period: The Program Vice-President should conduct the study and discussion Period. This period should be designated to a systematic bible study or some selected course in Church education or related to some concern of special interest.
  1. Closing Period: Announcements are made during the closing period and remarks by the pastor when he is present. A motion to adjourn must be made and seconded. The meeting is not adjourned until it is voted upon and the president or chairman announces, “The meeting is adjourned.”

The time frame for the regular meeting of the Movement should not exceed one hour and a half.