Financing Programs

The National Baptist Laymen's Movement has six (6) main programs to finance its programs, ministries and activities to help it meet its mission, goals, objectives and purposes:


The discipleship ministry is designed to identify all the men and supporters of the National Baptist Laymen. It is an annual program that asks for $40.00 once a year. The month of January is Discipleship Drive Month. Laymen are asked to sign up all the men of their local congregations, district associations and state conventions. Discipleship sign-ups should be reported during the convention's Mid-Winter board meeting held in January. Discipleship fees are welcome throughout the year from persons who are not able to bring or send them in January.

Discipleship to the National Baptist Laymen means that persons will receive the following benefits:

1. Placed on the laymen's mailing list.
2. Receives a Birthday card on your birthday.
3. Receives three major mail outs a year. Housing forms included.

King Contest

The King Contest is a fund raising competition between laymen state conventions to see which state convention can raise the most money for national laymen ministries. The contest is held in September of each year during the annual session of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. The contest is designed for laymen state conventions to have King contests to raise monies in their state and for the state winner to be the state representative at the national contest.

Each state convention must contribute a minimum of $750.00 for their representative to participate in the national contest.  State convention contributions that are less than $750.00 are welcome and are needed for laymen ministries, however their contestant will not be allowed to march in the parade of states.

Trophies are awarded to each contestant. The top three state conventions and their contestant are awarded the following designations:

1. Arch Duke
2. Duke
3. Count  


The Arch Duke (King) will receive certain benefits for being the winner of the contest. The Arch Duke will represent the National Baptist Laymen's Movement at various functions throughout the year of his reign.


The National Baptist Convention is comprised of state conventions, district associations, local churches and individuals. When the convention convenes at its three annual meetings, it asks these various constituencies to register and/or pay a predetermined assessment to support the operations, programs and ministries of the convention. The laymen's auxiliary is the same.

A form has been devised that contains the registrations and assessments for the various constituencies of the National Baptist Laymen's Movement for each meeting. This form can be obtained from the General Secretary, Finance Chairman or Treasurer. Pre-registrations are always desired and welcomed.

Special Projects Breakfast

The Special Projects fund raising effort is held every January during the convention's Mid-Winter Board meeting. The fund raising effort concludes on Thursday morning of the session with a breakfast announcing the amounts contributed by each state convention. Each state convention is asked to contribute a minimum of $2,500.00 to this effort. There is a model for state convention's to use that will help them meet this goal: Ask 100 persons to give a consecrated gift of $25.00 each. The funds raised in this effort goes toward the laymen's projects that are conducted domestically and internationally.

Missions In Education & Evangelism

The Missions In Education and Evangelism fund raising effort is held every June during the convention's Congress of Christian Education. The effort concludes on Thursday with a luncheon where the names of the contributors are announced.

A committee of District Laymen has been formed to lead this effort that are:

1. Committed to soul winning;
2. Committed to building the character of young men
3. Committed to helping spread the Gospel in Jerusalem, in Judea and the uttermost parts of the earth
4. This committee will give monies and recruit all District laymen Presidents to contribute a minimum of $300.00.

The goals for the use of the funds raised are:

1. The operations of the Baptist World Center
2. The assistance in Foreign Mission Work
3. The assistance in Home Mission Work
4. To assist and promote evangelism.
5. Repair and Operations of Seminaries and Bible Colleges.
6. Promotional Materials
7. National Laymen Workshops